Custom Grommet Sheers

Sheer grommet drapery is typically sewn from wide width sheer fabric that is railroaded, thus leaving no vertical seams. Sheers can be fabricated in very wide widths with lengths dependent on the fabric chosen, but some fabrics can be made up to approximately 120”. Sheers can also be lined to provide more privacy and increased light filtration.

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Custom Grommet Sheers

Custom Grommet Privacy Drapes

Covers Grommet panels are suitable for any room, and come in a variety of fabrics and designs tailored to your tastes. Grommet drapes come with regular grommets or can be upgraded with large 2” grommets to accommodate larger drapery rods. Add blackout lining to your panels to improve room darkening. Grommets make ideal side panels and provide a stunning look to any room. Grommets are not the best choice for function, as they can be more difficult to manoeuvre, especially with larger windows. As well, due to the way grommets mount, there is a lot of light penetration at the top. To minimize this, oversize the drapes to sit high above the window with plenty of overlap at the sides. Stack size when opened is minimal.

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Custom Grommet Privacy Drapes

Motorized Blinds & Shades Powered by Somfy

Control your home the way you want!

Simplify Your Life With A Somfy Smart Home

Somfy Smart Home

Somfy’s motorization solutions integrate with many of the largest home brands. With a Somfy Smart Home, you’re always in control.

Smart Home

Somfy Controls

With the Somfy myLink™, you can easily control your motorized blinds, shades, awnings, shutters, and screens from your mobile device.


Somfy Sensors

Our motorization solutions can activate according to schedule settings, temperature and weather changes, and more!


myLink™: the app that controls your motorized shades remotely!

  • Simplify your life
  • Create your own scenes
  • Timed events that fit your schedule

Hey myLink™

“open my living room shades.”

Through Somfy myLink™, easily connect your Somfy blinds, shades, awning and more with any smart devices as well as 3rd party smart home services like Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.



Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5 year warranty on all motors and controls. Specifically, Somfy warrants its motors and controls to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product. If the Somfy product fails within this 5 year period, we will repair or replace it free of charge through your end product supplier.

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