Cellular(Honeycomb) Shades

Cellular Shades

The unique structure of the cellular shades provides energy efficiency, UV protection, and insulation with its unique honey-comb structures. Black-out cellular shades feature internal foil which completely blocks all light penetration. 

Cellular shades are made to fit tightly to the window frame; ideal for room darkening applications. 

Covers Canada offers a wide variety of materials from basic non-woven fabrics to luxurious linens. The cells range from ⅜” up to ¾” or larger on some shade types. All available with matching hardware or upgrades including oil-rubbed bronze. Cellular shades are also available for skylights and in a wide variety of specialty shades for every window size and style imaginable. As well, we carry the full Hunter Douglas Duette with Architella line as well as Applause.

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Cellular Shades
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