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Bay Window in a Family Room Nook

The Best Window Covering For Your Bay Window 

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A little secret about wonderful bay windows lies in the considered dressing of their windows. The angles of bay windows are challenging for window coverings with extended headers. The best window covering for your bay window minimizes the gap between window treatments and suits the room in which it resides and the privacy you require.

Your room and its interaction with your bay window will help you decide which window covering may be best.

Bay Window Banquette Seat

This photo features Hunter Douglas’ Vignette® shades. Read more about this shade style below.

  • In which room is your bay window? 
  • What are the other window coverings in the room?
  • Is there a table or desk in front of your bay window?

  1. In which room is your bay window?

A bay window in a family room may gain a more informal look with simple shades and unlined drapery panels at the sides, whereas a kitchen may feel brighter with shutters on its bay window. Read our helpful article on how to choose window coverings.

  1. What are the other window coverings in the room?

You should always try to coordinate your window coverings if they can be seen from an adjacent room. Read this article on our website about when and how to coordinate your window coverings.

  1. Is there a table, desk, or bench seat in front of your bay window?

A bay window is an involved architectural element in a room. The shape of a bay window invites tables and seating nooks. However, you should downplay whatever sits in front of it where you can.

Depending on how close a table is to the window, it may be aesthetically more pleasing with simple shades on your bay window. An unlined drapery treatment could work as long as the table, desk or bench seat is visually simplified and floor space allows.

What are the best solutions for bay window treatments?

  • Shutters
  • Honeycomb or cellular shades 
  • Hunter Douglas Duette® shades
  • Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shades
  • Hunter Douglas Vignette® shades 
  • Sheer or unlined drapery panels


    Shutters often are an excellent choice for a bay window. Shutters and bay windows can use the same or similar colours on their wood frames, integrating them beautifully. 

    2. Honeycomb or cellular shades:

    These have the smallest headrail to fit the angles. Honeycomb and cellular shades have a quiet look, which combines well with the complex look of a bay window. Honeycomb/cellular shades are also the best energy-efficient shades if your bay window tends toward draftiness. Read more about energy-efficient window coverings. 

    3. Hunter Douglas Duette® shades:

    The Hunter Douglas Duette® shade featured in our main photo is a honeycomb/cellular shade that sits fairly close to the window, making it a perfect choice for bay windows.

    4. Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shades:
    Window Covering for Bay Window

    The Silhouette® shade provides a similar visual weight to the Pirouette® shade. However, it features an S-shaped vane that floats between two layers of sheer fabrics, offering daytime privacy (a rear blackout fabric available with the Silhouette® is Hunter Douglas’ Duolite®, an option that may be of value to you)

    5. Hunter Douglas Vignette® shades:
    Modern Roman Blind

    The Vignette® shade is a contemporary take on the traditional Roman shade. With many fabrics to choose from, this can be a beautiful choice for a bay window in a bedroom or anywhere you occasionally wish to have privacy.

    6. Sheer or unlined drapery panels:
    Sheer Drapery on vintage bay window

    Whether your choice is a formal sheer, unlined abstract, or a Victorian patterned sheer like the panels featured here, an unlined or lightweight drapery panel goes perfectly with bay windows. Make sure floor space is available for your drapery. 

    Covers Designers’ Edge has hundreds of fabrics to choose from for your custom drapery

    We manufacture your draperies in Ontario to help you get the look you’ll love at a competitive price.

    Covers Designers’ Edge designers and seasoned decorators would love to assist you in selecting beautiful window coverings for your bay window. Visit our
    Contact us page and choose a location convenient for you.

    Since 1987 we have been integral in helping hundreds of homeowners, interior designers, and commercial project managers create beautiful interiors throughout Southwestern Ontario. 

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