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Custom Window Treatments for Specialty Windows

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In Canada, where the sun may not shine all the time, it is energizing to let in as much light as possible. Large, sun-capturing windows often take advantage of every inch of the wall, no matter its angles, making for odd-shaped windows that usually require coverings for privacy and temperature control.

How do you cover an odd-shaped window?

Blinds and shades provide the greatest style variety for odd-shaped windows:

Motorization for window coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

Many window covering styles fall under the umbrella term blinds and shades, and so they are the most popular solution. This photo captures the versatility of Hunter Douglas’s Duette® Honey Comb Shades.

You don’t need to have a skylight like this beauty to enjoy the benefits of wifi automation. Automated motorization can easily control the amount of light and noonday heat streaming through a great room transom or angled window.

Motorization of a skylight covering

Your blinds, shades, or shutters can be opened and closed no matter the height of your room. Photo courtesy of Covers Designer’s Edge.

Motorization for window coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

Can you get blinds for angled windows? Yes, in some cases, the vanes will only tilt; however, in many circumstances, the blinds raise and lower or move from side to side to the shape’s widest length or the length that makes the most structural sense.

Custom cellular shades provide chic looks and energy savings:

Motorization for window coverings /Covers Designer's Edge

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades can be structured to fit triangular, circular, half-circular, or trapezoidal window shapes. Cellular shades’ cells act as thermal pockets, providing the best energy savings.

Is drapery available for bay windows or shaped windows?

Automation for Drapery / Covers Designer's Edge

Drapery rods can be custom constructed to the size you need and shape, whether a small, medium or large arch. Bay windows, arched, or circular windows accept the look of drapery very nicely. Consulting with our on-staff, experienced decorators can help you make an informed design decision. See more about draperies.

Shutters are manufactured to fit your exact measurements of opening:

Specialty Shutters / Covers Designer's Edge

This half-circular shutter only tilts; it only swings open from the bottom hinge for window cleaning. Consult with Covers Designer’s Edge staff to determine your window shape’s ability to allow movement of its covering.

Our shutters are available in real wood, long-lasting, non-warping composite wood, and chic vinyl in all popular shades and colours.

The quality and thermal retention of vinyl window extrusions has improved over the years, so people in the London, Burlington, Kitchener, and Sarnia areas are embracing oversized, beautiful custom windows. And those windows require custom window coverings.

Angled transoms, tilt turn windows, skylights, circular, A-frame windows, arched, inverted A-frame, hexagonal, and trapezoidal windows are some of the shapes that can have custom window treatments.

A great range of window coverings is available for these odd-shaped and specialty windows. Major window coverings manufacturers have recognized your need, inventing new blind styles, custom hardware, and automated movement controls that suit the requirements of these shapes.

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Covers Designer’s Edge’s experienced decorators and designers are delighted to help you with your shaped windows or unique functioning windows.

We are your experts for customized blinds, shutters, curtains, drapery, and coverings for tilt turn windows or skylights, and motorization is always available for every kind of covering.

Is there a window covering for tilt-turn windows and skylights?

Tilt Turn Window Coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

Tilt turn window and door glass require covering solutions as forward-thinking as their design: This is Hunter Douglas’s Duette® Honeycomb Shade on a tilt turn window

Skylight Window Coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

Skylights require specialty coverings that work well with the sky views: Covers Designer’s Edge works with a number of companies that specialize in skylight coverings. A photo of Sun Glow’s® Nimbus Skylight Shade

What fabrics are available for specialty-shaped windows?

The fabric you choose will be determined by the direction the window opening face, how much light it lets in, and any colour parameters for the room. Translucent, semi-opaque, and black-out fabrics are all available. Each manufacturer offers many different fabric options in each category.

How the Shape or Size of a Window Affects the Function of a Window Covering

Transom Window Coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

In some cases, vanes will only tilt and blinds or shades will be fixed in place. In most circumstances, blinds raise and lower, or move from side to side to the broadest length of the window shape or the side that makes the most structural sense.

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