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Canadian Corded Window Covering Regulations

Under the provisions of the Canada Consumer Protection Safety Act (CCPSA), new regulations are in effect for all corded window covering products sold in Canada. These regulations became enforceable as of May 1, 2022. The regulations are in place to prevent injury to children and infants from strangulation due to loose cords or chains used in window coverings.

FAQs around the new regulations:

When do the new safety regulations regarding cords on new window coverings take effect?

As of May 1, 2022, all corded window coverings are determined to pose strangulation risks to children. Corded window covering must follow strict regulations and requirements beyond this date.

What do these new regulations cover?

These new regulations apply to all window coverings for consumer use in Canada from all manufacturers and retailers, regardless of whether the window coverings are manufactured in Canada or imported into Canada from any other country.

Access the government page here for more details.

Which blinds or shades are affected by the new requirements?

The requirements apply to continuous loop lift cords (located at the side), inner cords (these run through holes in the solid slats of Horizontal Blinds), and back cords (as on Roman Blinds.)

A list of the types of known corded blinds and shades with the applied regulations:

  • Horizontal blinds
  • Roman shades
  • Bamboo shades
  • Top-down, bottom-up shades
  • Skylight shades
  • Any other shades with reachable cords

What can be done for existing cords to meet these requirements?

Dangling cords from window coverings are a safety hazard in your home.

  • During use, existing hanging cords should be secured higher on the wall with a wall cleat.
  • Remove existing corded window coverings from a baby, toddler, and young child’s room.
  • Corded blinds should not be resold.
  • Covers Designer’s Edge is happy to help you determine whether your existing blind or shade is a candidate for motorization or other modifications. Please contact us to discuss any restrictions.

Are Corded Blinds Discontinued?

Not all corded blinds are discontinued, only those with visibly dangling cords. Some products may be modified with a cord shroud to remain in compliance. Most new window coverings will be provided with cordless lift systems, motorization or manual/motorized wand control. As new systems are developed, more choices will be available over time.

Which window covering products will no longer be available?

Because of their requirement for internal cords, these shades will be discontinued:

  • Top-down, bottom-up shades
  • Pleated shades
  • Mini blinds

Covers Designer’s Edge is here to help our customers as the industry transitions to the new regulations. Our showrooms are being updated with the latest innovations in motorized and cordless lift systems.