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Custom Window Treatment Options For Very Large Windows and Door Systems  

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There are many window treatment options for tall or large windows and door systems, and because motorization is now a common preference, chic window covering styles to match your beautiful windows and doors of any size, are now available.

Your soaring ceilings, A-framed cottage, and light-filled great room are the perfect backdrops to stunning oversized or tall windows. However, along with all that adored sunlight comes uninterrupted heat, as well as the occasional need for privacy. Let’s look at some typical window concerns and ideas to fix them.

Are there answers for large and tall window dilemmas? Yes, there are always gorgeous solutions and we would love to help you realize your design dream.

Covers Designer’s Edge has put together seven perfect solutions for your large or tall window dilemmas, and ideas for oversized entry systems:

  1. Many windows in one room
  2. Room darkening is required only occasionally
  3. Total nighttime darkness with a daytime cozy feel
  4. Summer heat relief while retaining a view
  5. Tall windows
  6. Corners flanked with windows
  7. A large entry system


1. Many windows in one room


Covers Designer’s Edge created a calming and beautiful solution for this open concept renovation with numerous walls of windows. These motorized blinds are located halfway where they’re needed most to deflect the day’s heat, and provide evening privacy. The translucent fabric matches the airiness of this white room.

2. Room darkening required only occasionally


These Covers Designer’s Edge textural draperies punctuate the room like a contemporary painting; their vertical lines repeat the dark uprights flanking the fireplace while providing a juxtaposition to its polished stone surface. The drapes are easily available to darken the room for evening tv viewing, and for keeping the room, otherwise, light-filled.  Contemporary draperies are the perfect choice for family rooms where coziness is often the desired atmosphere.

Bonus: Is There a Correct Drapery Length? (How Long Should My Drapes
Be?) Always consult with a professional window covering specialist.

The correct length of your drapery depends on a number of scenarios:

  • If your window or door opening’s vertical expanse reaches the floor, your draperies should sit as close to the floor as possible without touching it to avoid dirtying, ½” inch. 
  • If the ceilings are standard 8 -10 foot heights, your drapes should sit visually 3 – 4 inches from the ceiling height.
  • In a double tall room, it is usual to consider the ceiling placement of your drapes depending on the style of the room. If the window placement allows, they might hang anywhere from 1 – 2 feet from the ceiling; the viewpoint from below will always make them appear closer to the ceiling. 
  • Drapes in a modern room may look fantastic at the ceiling.
  • Another rule of thumb is to palace the drapery rod halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling.
  • There may be furniture beneath the window or a beautiful radiator in the case of historical homes. Depending on the look of the room, a backdrop of drapery behind the furniture piece may be perfect or a more subtle touch may be required, having the drape stop short of the radiator or the furniture.

3. Total nighttime darkness with a daytime cozy feel

window-coverings-bedroom-Covers-Designers-EdgeLouvred shutters on this large bedroom window were our solution for this client’s desire for complete nighttime darkness and keeping the room looking tranquil and cozy. Read our article, ‘Bedroom Blinds With Different Light Control For Two People.’

4. Summer heat relief while retaining a view 

Window treatment on Tall Window This modern room was perfect for a minimal set of motorized blinds. The southern exposure is a perfect location for a pool and automation allows for views of starlit skies while providing heat relief during the day and a view to the backyard.

5. Tall windows


Covers Designer’s Edge team chose to leave the top of this shaped window uncovered, allowing the natural view to the elegance of the room. 

The photo on the left depicts a Hunter Douglas™ Luminette for a double-height alcove, covering only the lower window sections with airy sheers. 

6. Corners flanked with windows

Corner window in living room

Connecting two walls of windows with identical window treatments is a perfect idea for large window expanses, including specialty-shaped windows. Covers Designer’s Edge provides specialty window coverings for all odd-shaped windows, tilt turns, and skylights. Read our article, ‘Custom Window Treatments For Specialty Windows.’

7. A large entry system

Transom Window Coverings / Covers Designer's Edge

Large entry systems are a necessary design component for a home with an oversized facade. However, all those glass elements need to maintain a function of privacy. 

Any combination of glass treatments for such openings is available. 

See our Window Coverings Page or Contact Us with your entry requirements.

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