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Pretend sad doggy on a bed. Bedroom Shades With Different Light Control

Bedroom Blinds With Different Light Control for Two People

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Imagine falling perfectly to sleep; pillow, atmosphere, sound, temperature, and the amount of light are just as you like it. Now imagine a state of lighting perfection for two people sleeping in the same room. Did your happy thoughts just crash?

For most of us, sleep time is made up of less sleep than it once was so the stakes for a night of good sleep are high. If, for example, you sleep more successfully in darkness with a background of white noise instead of moonlight and silence, your habitual brain will protest that change. Read more about How to Choose Window Coverings.

What happens when the person sharing your bedroom likes moonlight and silence while sleeping? A happy middle ground, especially when sleep-partners prefer different light control, is incremental compromise while allowing for each person’s version of sleep happiness.

You can fix it! There are shades and blinds for both of you. No matter your personal light control preference, if your window-covering investment shows consideration for the other person’s light needs, it’s money saved that you would otherwise spend in couple’s therapy.

We have collected five shades that have far-reaching charm, diversity of styling and crucially, relationship-saving light control options; from complete darkness to the soft ambience of a moonlit night.

See even more of Covers Canada’s window covering offerings for all of your rooms here.

Covers Canada is the commercial shade specialist in Southwestern Ontario. Whether you require skylight automation, blinds for an industrial space, or a custom window covering requirement we are here to advise and help.

Blind and shade manufacturers have developed new products that offer layers of lighting control, multi-functionality, and perfect visual integration with just-right modifications.

We’ve pulled five winners together to help you both fall perfectly to sleep:
1. Hunter Douglas Silhouette®:

This shade has a unique styling of soft S-shaped fabric vanes between two sheer fabric panels that afford any degree of light control. Its elegance and style coordinate with 99% of room styles. The Silhouette ClearView™ provides greater daytime clarity with the same UV blocking.

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting

Silhouette without the Duolite option

2. Hunter Douglas Silhouette with Duolite™ option:

The Duolite™ is a combination of the Silhouette® blind with an added room darkening roller blind. It provides the ultimate compromise for the darkness purist living with the darkness claustrophobe. If you are lucky enough to have two windows in your bedroom, you have found your sleep solution.

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting Duolite

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting Silhouette

Silhouette with Duolite™ option (showing its added room-darkening roller blind)


3. Color Lux Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Suppose you are considering a light controlling option that has weather insulating properties and UV blocking. In that case, our Covers Canada’s designers love this product for its versatility of cell size and incredible Comfortex®, Colour Lux line of colours. Silhouette without the Duolite option

The top-down, bottom-up possibilities of this shade may be just the compromise that affords the two of you your best possible sleep. Black-out lining is always available in our honeycomb cellular shades.

Ask about our Comfortex®, Color Lux special with 30% off, pricing. See our other specials here.

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting. Honeycomb Shades

Color Lux Cellular Honeycomb shades


4. Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.

With either a full or flat fold, this modern roman shade has no exposed cords for added child safety. Add the Hunter Douglas exclusive Duolite shade that provides options of light-filtering, sheer front, and a room darkening panel at the back for privacy. Duolite shades are on the same roller allowing for a shallower mounting depth.

The Vignette system on its own comes in a 4-inch full fold or a 6-inch flat fold.

The Vignette system with the additional Duolite on a single roll is exclusively a 6-inch flat fold with Powerview® Automation.

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting. Vignette

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade without Duolite

5. Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with Duolite Option.

Bedroom blinds for couples who like different lighting. Vignette Duolite

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade with Duolite option.


Make your window shade choice a more custom window covering effect with these suggestions:

  • Recreate the shade or blind in another room, or add them to a foyer door glass.
  • Add drapery panels for a layering effect.
  • Each of the styles can be motorized, be corded or cordless.
  • Skylight shades can be custom matched to your bedroom window coverings.


Covers Canada™ is 100% Canadian-owned. We are Comfortex® and Hunter Douglas® specialists.

Please book an appointment with our helpful designers to help solve your bedroom or any other room, window-covering challenge.

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