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Retractable Screens

Are Motorized Retractable Screens Worth Having?

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If you value stylish functionality for outdoor entertaining, you’ll love custom retractable screens. Your outdoor room will be the place where everyone gathers anytime. Custom retractable screens will shield bright sunlight and provide complete protection from pesky insects. Enjoy outdoor meals and entertaining anytime.  

If you are lucky to have an exterior structure that sports a top lintel and solid uprights, it is a perfect candidate for outdoor motorized screens. Raising and lowering your motorized screen system is forever easy with a wifi controlled app. 

Though initially more expensive than a standard immovable flat screen, retractable screens pay for themselves throughout their long, practical, and beautiful lives. 

Custom Screen Benefits

  • Contemporary look
  • Motorized / retractable / automated
  • Choice of screening: insect screen and sun control fabrics 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Solar shading 
  • Insect protection

Contemporary look:

It doesn’t take much to see the benefits of installing a professional motorized screen. You can create a look that matches your design vision with fabric opacity and numerous colour options. Covers Designers’ Edge has extensive experience and training to help you decide. See our Location Page.

Motorized / retractable / automated:

A motorized screen is the ultimate summer indulgence for your home, cottage, commercial business, or rental property. Retractable screens have grown in popularity; they’re customized to fit most openings, give a high-end feel to every application, and are exceptionally convenient. 

Screen fabric choices:

Sun control fabric and insect screening are both used for retractable shade applications.

The fabric screening provides UV protection and solar shading in 20 designer colours. For protection from insects, we recommend Phifer Tuff Screen or No-See-Um. Retractable motorized screens should be installed with a wind sensor to prevent damage during high winds. 

Longer lasting than standard flat screening:

Your screens are retractable, which means they protect themselves from the elements when not in use. Colours fade less quickly, and the material is less susceptible to UV and physical damage with its motorized function.

Solar shading:

Sit outdoors and enjoy your summer without overheating. The fabric screen acts as a solar shade, blocking the sun’s heat for a more temperate entertainment experience. Your view is slightly darker but never to a degree of obstruction.
Read more about our supplier, Altex’ outdoor screening and see their array of colour options here.

Screens help control your building’s internal temperature acting as an insulative layer that cools the attached outdoor area.

Insect protection:

Specialized tightly woven screening in the areas where you entertain and eat outdoors is the best environmental choice, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in peace, away from pesky insects. 

Speak to any decorators at Covers Designers’ Edge to get started upping your summer entertainment experience.

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